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Interior Zebra Blinds

Contrast in light and darkness is the most attractive feature of the zebra blinds as if to present the fact of day and night. The zebra blinds have the contrast of the dark fabric and the light mesh to let light inside the room. When it is very sunny or when you need privacy the dark colored fabric offers the much needed privacy especially when you need to sleep for a long time.

It is a combination of blinds in horizontal and the rolling blinds which can be rolled up or down as you need them to. The mesh in the blinds alternates with the fabric and this feature true to its name the zebra blinds. It does not shut out light entirely nor does it bring in all the darkness. But it is a proper proportion of both.

The blinds are made of great quality fabric and installation is very easy. It is attached with easy to fix attachments and accessories. At happy home interiorz, quality is never compromised. It comes with a child protection feature and with a little attention, it can last a lifetime. The colors can be chosen from among the vast range and only the suitable products are advised for the customers.

Happy Home Work Process

Our Customers and clients believe that they will experience a noteworthy atmosphere that tends to live peacefully. It is our pleasure to serve our clients with makes them stay with beautiful and tranquil ambiance.

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Interior Zebra Blinds

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