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Inner Curtains

The inner curtains are installed as a layering on the front curtains and they are made of transparent and light color fabric such as silk and mostly are in white. Some come in prints or no prints. The inner curtains serve a dual purpose where they can be drawn with the thick curtain to shut out light and the curtains are placed in between two panels of the actual curtain.

The inner curtains are a means to reduce cost as the actual curtains are expensive. They can be drawn sideways and expose the inner curtain. They can be installed easily on windows and walls to add an accent to the place.

With minimal installation tools, they are easy to clean and maintain. No new rods are needed as they can be hung behind the actual curtain on the same rod. The trend also does not require any sewing as they came in instant packs ready to be installed. They can be designed as pleated ones or plain to keep it simple or luxurious as per the specifications.

With the right measurements, they can be proportionately hung on the wall to enhance the décor in the room.

Happy Home Work Process

Our Customers and clients believe that they will experience a noteworthy atmosphere that tends to live peacefully. It is our pleasure to serve our clients with makes them stay with beautiful and tranquil ambiance.

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